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Moodspray, Joy, fragrance

Moodspray, Joy, fragrance

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Beautifulscents, Joy, Moodspray, Fragrance

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JOY provides joy, clarity, energy and optimism.
Lemongrass creates freshness, helps to focus, brings energy and optimism. Hyssop calms and brings clarity. It eliminates inner and outer coldness and confused thoughts, makes you creative and has strong nerves.

The Accomplice: The Fire Opal. The stone of fulfilling love and fiery passion opens the gates to our own sensuality, makes us dynamic and impulsive and helps us to take the initiative. The fire opal carries the energy of Mars - the urge to discover and conquer.
JOY is best used when you have a lack of motivation, lack of ideas, are risk-averse, have emotional blocks, and have large projects.


-For more joy, clarity and optimism
-Provides energy and mental freshness
-With the healing stone fire opal
-Includes lemongrass and hyssop
-Helps with listlessness, lack of ideas, emotional blockages and large projects
-Makes you creative and less risk-averse
-high quality only natural oils
-without silicones and palm oils
-Bottle, lid and outer packaging made from recycled materials
-Made in Germany


Beautifulscents are natural products and unique items, so the scent intensity can vary. There are only a few preservatives in the products, which is why the fragrance should be used within 6 months after opening and protected from sunlight and heat. They are subtle scents, they are suitable for the body as well as the room.



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Lindner Fashion
Kleppingstrasse 12
44135 Dortmund, Germany

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